About Us

R~U~Us musicians draw from their classical to cajun roots. They perform a range of selections from original songs by Bekka to Chuck's interesting arrangements of songs by our favorite artists. The sound is very eclectic so you're bound to hear something that you love. The band consists of:

Chuck Wiggins on the red digital accordion and vocals
Yvan Verbesselt on the drums
Janet Metter on the electric cello
Steve Metter on bass
Bekka Eaton on vocals
Deb Wiggins on vocals

To book R~U~Us contact us at 513.829.4209 or cwiggins999@gmail.com

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Creativa at Tanze

We played as guest artists on June 28 at Creativa. Creativa is a venue for all artists to share their art forms. It happens that last Saturday of every month starting with sign ups at 7 and performances beginning at 7:30. One of the appeals of Creativa is that it is different every time.

R~U~Us (Are You Us - a line from one of Bekka's tunes) performed from 7 - 7:30 and then again during the evening. It was a mix of Bekka's original tunes and other well known tunes such as Eleanor Rigby all with the interesting arrangement touch of Chuck. We're looking for other venues to play. We're open to your suggestions. It's just alot of fun to play these interesting tunes out and we enjoy sharing our passion for music with others.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Speckled Bird Café 5.3.08

The Speckled Bird Café is a hidden treasure in Norwood. It’s a wonderful neighborhood coffee shop and also has a very interesting menu full of amazing flavors that you don’t need a side of Lipitor to enjoy.

We enjoyed this venue for our second appearance outside of practicing in Yvan’s basement. We did miss our band mascot, Milli, who can squeak a toy along with any song we’re practicing.

We had some sound issues but those are all things that have to be worked out along the way. Overall, it was a fun evening and Janet’s electric cello made its debut. Besides the red digital accordion, it’s absolutely the coolest looking instrument. It looks like she’s playing a giant praying mantis. A real praying mantis, if female, will bite the head off the male during mating. So the cello is also a symbol of woman power! Rock on, Janet.

We’re looking for more venues with more of a concert atmosphere. We’re looking at doing some tunes at Creativa in June. We’ll keep ya posted.

Inside My Head 2.11.08

Miami Hamilton Downtown provided a great venue for “Inside My Head” this past Monday evening despite the threat of the “Great White Death” by the weatherman. The program consisted of original music by Bekka Eaton, Assistant Professor of theatre at Miami Hamilton. Bekka is a professional actress who knows how to use her incredible voice much like a well played musical instrument. She spent years as a performance artist which is obvious as you watch her transform into the character telling their story through song. Each song becomes a one act play and you find yourself interacting with that character as opposed to passively watching a musical performance. You feel something.

Bekka is part of the band, R~U~Us, along with Chuck Wiggins who played brilliantly, I must say, and I’m not just saying that because we’re married. I am also proud and amazed by the arranging he did of these pieces and his creation of musical charts for other instruments such as the cello. This was a new musical stretch for him and it worked. Of course, Big Red, the digital accordion made a couple of appearances to our delight.

Janet Metter, the beautiful cellist player, (a beautiful lady and a beautiful cello player) is such a wonderful addition to Bekka’s music and R~U~Us. I was telling Janet that the cello really connected with the intensity of the song lyrics. It gave voice to the depth of meaning. I don’t think I could hear the songs without the cello now.

Steve Metter, “the Sleeve”, is a really cool guy (and husband of Janet) and he looks even cooler when he’s playing the bass in R~U~Us. Steve is a serious bass player with a great sense of humor - wonderful combination during a tense music practice. Just ask Steve to explain the meaning of the word “coda.”

Yvan Verbesselt, the drummer, has been our friend for years. It has been amazing to watch the process of Yvan stretching himself from playing the zydeco washboard to a full drum kit. He has come a long way and continues to accept each musical challenge as it comes along. Of course, he has the help of his beautiful wife, Martine, whom we are grateful to have a long friendship with as well. You can catch Yvan with the Cajun band, Lagniappe.

I sang back-up vocals on a few songs. I think I hit the right notes somewhere in the 50% range. Next time I’m going for 75%! Not to make excuses but I have had problems with my throat this winter and have recently found relief with a nasal spray and Prilosec. Apparently, I’ve had enough acid reflux to create a mild asthmatic cough which kept my throat constantly irritated. Who knew?

Anyway, it was unfortunate that the weather kept some away but I hope more performances are to come and you get another chance. The combination of these wonderful musicians with a vocalist who has performance running through her veins is not to be missed. In this day and age of pop vocalists achieving celebrity status you have to shake your head and wonder why? Bekka revives my hope that someday we’ll lose the “American Idol” image of instant celebrity and support those who have earned their stripes and have the pipes! You can catch Bekka at the HamSlam at Miami Hamilton Downtown.

You can also catch some of us at Creativa (formerly known as the FreeSlam) at Tanze Performing Arts Studio in Fairfield.